Fly-by-wire Systems

In this field we cooperate with the Institute of Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Science. Together we offer control systems for power generation and process machinery and equipment. Our greatest achievements in this area are monitoring and process control systems modeled as the fly-by-wire system. They allow for automatization of complex procedures, online optimization process, securing machinery from working in dangers area of work, accelerated start-up and shutdown.


Software recreating

We provide software recovery services for PLC controllers and programmable relays. Frequent problem is the lack of PLC programs source when the machine or system has crashed or needs to be upgraded. Then the owner of the machine, without access to the program source code or contact the machine manufacturer (is unreachable or for some reason do not want to share the code), is exposed to high costs of modernization of the control system and production downtime. In this case, the fastest and cheapest way is to restore the control program.

The service also covers software migration from already discontinued PLCs, to new units.