Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 term is used to describe a set of new solutions and technologies that are to start next revolution in the industry.

Computerization in manufacturing areas and a vision of smart factories are mainly composed of:

  • Implementation of modern networking solutions based on IIoT concepts (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Data transfer and processing of great amounts of informations both at the sensor level and at the MES and ERP systems level
  • Usage of data and computing clouds technology
  • Direct communication between machines that make autonomous decisions
  • Modular design of production lines, which allows for easy change of production profile
  • Simplified machine diagnostics and appropriately selected preventive actions

All these elements improve Overall Equipent Effectivness (OEE), which increased productivity, employees efficiency and finally reduced production costs and improve product competitiveness.

Bros Control responds to market expectations with tailor-made solutions that full-fit the framework of the Industry 4.0. We offer:

  • Integration of machines and systems, automatic storage systems and production lines with database systems, MES and ERP
  • Remote service, monitoring and measurement systems
  • SCADA systems, visualization and reporting systems, remote and mobile machinery interfaces
  • Integration of different communication standards, OPC servers
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Energy management systems, waste energy recovery
  • Systems supervising production and machinery, providing diagnostics support and planning of preventive actions
  • Product tracking
  • Automatic quality control systems
  • Vision systems and RFID technology
  • Redundant network solutions
  • Access to production data from the web browser and mobile phone