Machine Vision and Barcode Readers

Vision systems are modern solutions for improve production processes and reduces costs associated with product quality control. The camera analyzes the desired parameters of the object, such as its size, color, shape. It can also read one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. In general cameras are supported by the individual lighting chosen depending on the controlled object type. Using the vision system, you can get both simple information for acceptance / rejection of the object and a complex set of data shared with a network interface for further processing.

Bros Control is able to provide comprehensive solutions using vision systems tailored to your needs.

Common applications of vision systems:

  • Control of the presence and position of the object
  • Verification of the quality and correctness of printed labels
  • Measure objects dimensions
  • Color identification
  • Counting elements
  • Barcode reading
  • Reading printed text
  • Winding process control and overhang monitoring
  • Control of electronic components position on the printed circuit boards
  • Cooperation with the robot