Energy Optimization of Machinery and Processes

Improving machines and manufacturing processes efficiency is now one of the key challenges facing the industry. Implementation of energy-efficient solutions brings measurable savings and, through conversion the reduction of energy consumption to the CO2 emission reduction, it often helps to obtain funding or improve the product or company image.

To meet your needs we offer consultation and implementation of energy efficiency solutions. We also provide an assistance in obtaining funding from NCBiR (National Center for Research and Development), Regional Operational Programs, Norwegian Funds, etc.

Our solutions employ modern control systems or complex upgrades. Our solutions enable your systems and machines to more efficient energy conversion, saving time and resources by real-time automatically optimizing of performances.

For complex thermo-flow processes, characterized by many optimization parameters, we offer authoritative and innovative solutions based on the entropy balance. As a result, our control systems can continually optimize machines and processes, both in nominal point of work and off-design conditions.

We offer energy optimization in:

  • production processes
  • propulsion systems
  • energy systems, including the integration of RES (Renewable Energy Sources)

We also offer:

  • accelerated starts and shutdowns of machinery
  • waste recovery system
  • energy storage systems